Hot Einstein
Hot Einstein is my new band based out of Oakland.  I sing in this band, as do Joe Bagale, Crystal Monee Hall and Karyn Paige. Pete Canton plays the bass, and Darrin Fox is on guitar

Joe Bagale
Talented composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and band leader. I play keyboards in Joe's band.  We write and record may songs together.
Karyn Paige
Stellar vocalist Karyn Paige is one of my favorite co-writing partners and partner-in-crime on the bandstand.
Jazz Mafia
Jazz Mafia includes: Joe Bagale, Realistic Orchestra, Supertaster, The Shotgun Wedding Quintet the Jazz Mafia Symphony Orchestra and many more.
Cystal Monee Hall
Crystal is a fantastic singer who I play keyboards with.
Cool band I'm in with these amazing musicians: Jon Monahan (guitar), Joe Bagale (drums), Adam Theis (trombone, bass) and karyn Paige (vocals, percussion)
The musical brainchild of Oona Garthwaite and Dave Tweedie. I play keys in the group.
Anonymous Pop Star
This is a cool band from Fairview. They recorded a song I wrote.
Yonas Media
Yonas Media is the Oakland based management and production company that handles the biz for Supertaster and the Jazz Mafia.
Will Bernard
Great Bay Area guitarist I've had the privilege of playing with...
Rob Ewing
Great trombonist/bassist etc. Leader of Radiohead project, Disappear Incompetely.
Talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I've been known to play keyboards in Shimshai's band, the NaturalMystique Ensemble.
The Speakers
Brian Miller and Peter Musselman are the Speakers. Great folk/rock music! Great guys, too!
JP Cutler
San Francisco based singer-song writer and long time friend.
ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)
Great band, great folks too!
Puck - webman/graphicsman
Michael Kranz...aka Puck. Great friend, great graphic designer too.
The Jazz School
Berkeley's own jazz school...a wonderful place to learn and to teach!
Kitchen on Fire
New school for entertaining and the culinary arts, run by my good friend Chef MikeC along with the local celebrity, Olivier Said
Matt Berkeley Official Myspace Page
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